Steffen Schmidt
steffen schmidt

university professor
political science

Cyclone pundit.

The last time Iowa held its presidential caucuses, Steffen Schmidt got almost as much media attention as some of the lesser known candidates. He appeared on a live CNN broadcast on campus bantering with hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. An Australian documentary producer followed him around for a day. He has appeared on numerous occasions on the BBC, National Public Radio and CNBC and in The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the Christian Science Monitor and Washington Post. An interview with ABC News was broadcast on the Jumbotron screen in New York City's Time Square.

"Never in my 30 years of analyzing national politics has the national and international media been more interested in the caucuses."

So why all the attention? Steffen deliberately positions himself to be a media source and can be heard as "Dr. Politics" on WOI Public Radio. And this caucus season you can expect to see, read and hear a lot more from Steffen Schmidt.