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News Index April 16, 2002

LAS awards

LAS faculty honored by College.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has honored several faculty members with awards which will be handed out Friday, April 19, in an awards ceremony in the Scheman Building.

That ceremony, which is open to the public, will be held at approximately 6:15 p.m.

The awards and the recipients include:

LAS Award for Excellence in Research/Artistic Creativity
Recognizing a faculty member who has a national or international reputation for contributions in research, and who has influenced the research activities of students.

Steve Kawaler
Professor of physics and astronomy
A pioneer in both theoretical and observational aspects of the dynamic field of asteroseismology, Steve Kawaler is a leading expert on the interpretation of white dwarf vibrational spectra. As the director of the Whole Earth Telescope, the world’s premier facility for asteroseismology, Kawaler oversees a worldwide network of 22 cooperating observatories that obtain uninterrupted time-series measurements of variable stars. He has published 48 papers in referred journals, given over 100 invited talks and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. Kawaler is also the co-author of a book that has become the standard graduate-level text on stellar astrophysics.

LAS Award for Early Excellence in Research/Artistic Creativity
Recognizing a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding research activities usually early in his or her professional career.
Amy Andreotti
Assistant professor of biochemistry, biophysics & molecular biology
In her short time at Iowa State, Amy Andreotti has gathered a group of highly motivated, hard-working students and has fostered an atmosphere in the laboratory of cooperation and learning that is built on the sense of excitement that can emerge in scientific research. In her quest to understand the inner workings of the cell, she is laying the groundwork for advancing knowledge in the field of structural biology as well as biochemistry and immunology. The emphasis of her lab is the study of the relationship between protein structure and function, which is supported by a large, multi-year federal research grant.

Yuhong Yang
Associate professor of statistics
Yuhong Yang has produced groundbreaking work in the statistical theory of non-parametric function estimation. His primary contributions are to strategies for model development and to estimation in the presence of long-range dependence. Yang has begun to work with collaborators to develop applications of his basic research in such diverse areas of meteorology, agronomy and automated machine learning. As a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award, Yang has been identified as one of a few extremely promising young scholars who are likely to "become academic leaders of the 21st Century."

LAS Outstanding Teaching Award
Recognizing a faculty member who has an outstanding teaching career with distinguished achievement in undergraduate education.

William Jenks
Associate professor of chemistry
William Jenks teaches classes at both ends of a wide spectrum within the Department of Chemistry from advanced graduate-level courses to a large service course for non-majors. Jenks wants each of his students to "think like scientists…to learn to observe, confront inconsistency, deduce, induce, conclude." That philosophy has allowed Jenks to be recognized numerous times for his excellence in teaching at Iowa State including the 1998 Wilkinson Teaching Award from the Department of Chemistry. He has also been named a Cottrell Scholar by the Research Corporation and received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, both based on highly selective nationwide competitions requiring a teaching component that recognizes the importance of education as well as research.

R.W. Swenson Award for Outstanding Advising
Recognizing outstanding performance as an undergraduate academic adviser over an extended period of time.

Bert Crawley
Professor of physics and astronomy
For the past 22 years, H. Bert Crawley has been the undergraduate adviser for more than 300 freshman physics majors and for students transferring to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The advice these students receive at this early stage of their undergraduate careers help them plan for future course offerings and for a timely graduation. Crawley has shown extraordinary diligence and care in helping students to resolve personal difficulties and unusual situations associated with their studies. A former physics major says, "Dr. Crawley was an integral part of helping me receive the best education that Iowa State could offer me."

LAS Professional and Scientific Excellence Award
Recognizing contributions made by a professional and scientific staff member beyond the university, contributions made within the university, and career progress demonstrated by accomplishments at Iowa State.
Charlene Carsrud
Business manager, Department of Economics
Charlene Carsrud served Iowa State for 35 years with distinction and honor, serving as a role model for others and setting a high standard for others to follow. After serving the department for many years as the department secretary, for the past 15 years she was the department’s business manager and administrative assistant. In these roles, Carsrud administered the Department of Economics office, personnel management, budgeting, accounting and facilities with expertise, efficiency and success.

Pictured: left to right, Amy Andreotti, Yuhong Yang, William Jenks (seated), Steve Kawaler