Academic Reinstatement

Academic Standards and Policies

Background Information

To insure that the greatest value is placed upon any degree awarded by Iowa State University, the university is diligent in maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. Students who complete a degree at Iowa State reap the full benefit of such high academic standards. The university places the responsibility for creating and enforcing guidelines to uphold its academic standards upon a University Academic Standards and Admissions Committee. This body is composed of administrators from the Office of the Registrar and the Dean of Students Office and faculty representatives from each of the colleges at the university. In turn, each college has its own Academic Standards and Admissions Committee, which governs the specific academic standards expected of each student within that college. Discussion of the university’s academic standards policies is explored in detail on pages 39 -43 in the 2009-2011 Iowa State University Catalog. What follow are the academic standards guidelines specific to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in the context of these more general university policies.

Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal

If any students at Iowa State who arenot making cumulative satisfactory academic progress in the courses in which they are enrolled (2.00 semester GPA, and/or a 2.00 ISU cum with 75 credits attempted), they then will be subject to the university’s academic probation policy. A detailed discussion of this policy, and a potential outcome of academic dismissal from the university is available on-line.

Academic Reinstatement

If you were academically dismissed from Iowa State University after having been on probation, there are certain guidelines and procedures that you must follow to resume your studies at Iowa State. As mentioned above, these may vary somewhat from college to college at the university. General information regarding academic reinstatement to Iowa State may be found in the Iowa State University Catalog 2007-2009 under Reinstatement. The guidelines and procedures for reinstatement to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences pertain for all the majors in the college. These guidelines must be followed specifically as presented. If you do not respond to each one of the steps as they are listed, the LAS Academic Standards Committee will consider your application incomplete and will not consider your petition for reinstatement.

Please note that petitions for reinstatement must be submitted by established deadlines.

  1. After a first dismissal, petitions must be received in the college  office no later than 45 calendar days prior to the start of the term being requested.
  2. After a second dismissal, petitions must be received in the college office no later than 70 days prior to the start of the term being requested.
  3. Generally the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences will not grant a reinstatement to any student who has been dismissed from the university three times or more.

View specific deadline dates for upcoming academic terms.

Returning or Reentering the University

Whether filing a formal petition with the college for reinstatement or not, students planning to return to Iowa State who have attended Iowa State in the past, and who have been away from university for a period of one semester or more, will need to formally notify the college that they wish to return. [If a student who was not dismissed has attended in a spring semester and plans to return the following fall - without attending in the intervening summer – that student does not need to notify the college as long as he or she has registered for at least one fall term course prior to the start of that fall term.]

Returning – If 12 months or fewer have elapsed since a student was last at Iowa State, then a reentry form is not necessary. Special noteNo matter how long an international student has been away, such students must always file a special reentry form for international students.

Reentering - Any student, whether dismissed or not, coming back to Iowa State after an absence of one academic year or more must submit a Reentry Application (applications available in the Office of the Registrar, 0460 Beardshear Hall, or available on-line. If he or she was registered the previous term and later withdrew while that term was in session, a reentry application is not necessary; a RAN number for the succeeding semester will have been created for that student.

All reentry requests must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in 0460 Beardshear Hall. If the student reentering has attended another school since last enrolled at Iowa State, then the student must request of the other school attended that a transcript be sent to Iowa State’s Office of Admissions so that a transfer credit evaluation sheet may be created. This is true even if the courses being transferred are still “in progress.” The Office of the Registrar will hold any reentry request until such transcripts have been received in the Office of Admissions. Before reentry is complete, the Office of the Registrar will send the reentry request plus transfer credit evaluation, if appropriate, on to the LAS College office for final approval. Obviously the reentry procedure may take a period of several days to pass through all the necessary offices, so students are encouraged to start this process as early as possible.

If a student requesting reentry to the LAS College had less than a 2.00 term GPA when last at Iowa State (but was not academically dismissed), the LAS College will request a brief written statement from the student about the circumstances that led to the low grades and how those circumstances will have changed for the better upon the student’s return.

Once reentry is approved the student is notified by the Office of the Registrar, and the LAS College will provide the student’s academic advising materials to the departmental academic advisor. It is then up to the student to contact his or her academic advisor regarding registration for the term of reentry at the appropriate time. Note: It is suggested that, if a student is either returning or reentering the LAS College in the semester in which they hope to graduate, the student should order a degree audit for the major in which they will graduate prior to the start of that term. A photocopy of that audit may then be provided by the student to the academic advisor so that any “last moment” requirements for graduation may be addressed prior to the start of the term. Degree audits for any major in the LAS College may be created by going to AccessPlus and printing off a “What If” degree audit for that major.

Academic Renewal – For students wishing to make a “fresh start” on their academic record after a long absence from school, the Office of the Provost has provided the following option. A student who has been absent from Iowa State for five years (10 consecutive semesters) or more, and who has not yet completed a degree from Iowa State, may request that entire semesters be deleted – for the purpose of grade point average calculation only – from his/her permanent record. The courses and grades will remain to be viewed on the permanent record, however. To utilize this option, a student must:

  1. Be reentered or reinstated to Iowa State
  2. Have at least 24 semester credits yet to complete graduation at Iowa State
  3. File an Academic Renewal Petition, which requires signatures of the student, the student’s adviser, and an Associate Dean of the college.

Link to “Academic Renewal” Form [Registrar, Office of the]

Questions regarding reinstatement, academic probation, and academic dismissal may be addressed to Nancy Osborn Johnsen, Secretary, LAS Academic Standards Committee, LAS Student Academic Services, 102 Carrie Chapman Catt Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA  50011-1302.  Phone inquiries may be made at 515/294-4831 and email inquiries may be directed to